Moose Skateboards

Moose offers a wide verity of different skateboards, cruisers, and old-school skateboards. Moose also offers decks in dipped, stained, and graphic options. Whether you prefer to see the wood-grain or keep it solid, or rather have a cool looking graphic, you are sure to find the deck that matches your style. All Moose Skateboards are made of 7 ply 100% Canadian maple wood.

Graphic Decks

Moose Graphic Skateboard Decks

Blank Decks

Moose Blank Skateboard Decks

Graphic Completes

Moose Graphic Skateboard Completes

Blank Completes

Moose Blank Skateboard Completes

Old School/Cruisers

Moose Old School Skateboards and Cruisers